Give the gift of wisdom: My book picks

The shopping mall can become a shopping maul. One  of the ways of buying gifts for family and friends, without 
becoming part of a mob scene in the stores, is to shop on the Internet. However, for many kinds of gifts, you want to be
able to see it directly, and perhaps handle it, before you part with your hard-earned cash for it.
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A Challenge to Our Beliefs

Depressing news about black students scoring far below white students on various mental tests has become so familiar that people in different parts of the ideological spectrum have long ago developed their different explanations for why this is so. But both may have to do some rethinking, in light of radically different news from England.
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RaceHustling Results, Part II

by Thomas Sowell

Bob Costas is one of the premier sportscasters and a very smart guy, so it was somewhat surprising to see him join the chorus of those decrying the fact that the owner of the Washington Redskins is resisting the pressures to change the name of his football team.


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