In Life’s complexities, Hope, Faith and Love are Roots of Grace

During stressful times, we may worry; doubt, or be filled with uncertainty:

There are many circumstances we face that are beyond our control. As human beings, the struggle is to not focus on our emotional reactions; fear, anxiety; doubt, worry; what if's, etc.

As new creations in Christ, we have an unlimited resource in spiritually discerning how to proceed in life's complexities. We are gifted and infused with the Holy Spirit The Spirit offers wisdom, direction, guidance, and supernaturally empowers. Listening, receiving, and responding to the Spirit's voice of Love reorients our minds and hearts to live according to the teachings of Christ in good and bad times.

Here are a few suggestions to help provide guidance when facing overwhelming adversities.

1) Mflrm your identity in Christ. No matter what difficulties we face, learning to continually receive from the unlimited resource of Grace is our role. This requires surrendering our helplessness and inability while simultaneously accepting and responding from the spirit-life of Christ as the source.



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