The Winnfield Senior High School Football Banquet recognized WSHS football players making a significant impact this past Thursday. Coach Bankston emphasized that it is not just the young men recognized, but the entire team that “represents the school, our community, and our parish when they put the WSHS uniform on.” He also said, “Football teaches discipline, working together as a group, handling a tough situation/a good situation, picking your teammate up, holding each other accountable for the benefit of the team and program. None of that has anything to do with the game, but has everything to do with becoming a responsible adult, taking care of your business, whether it is your family, your job, your religion, or your community.” Coach Bankston continued, “We lost five games this past season within more or less a touchdown. You can do one of two things: you can feel sorry for yourself and blame everyone else, z you can learn from the mistakes you made and get up and go again. These players and coaches will decide to do the latter.”


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