Winnfield Police Officer Cleared in Complaint

A report released by Winn District Attorney Chris Nevils exonerates Winnfield Police Officer Justin Curry, relieving him of any criminal responsibility from injuries sustained by Tanisha Amos White on the night of November 5, 2018. Winnfield Police Chief Johnny Ray Carpenter followed local protocol for officer-related injuries and requested the Louisiana State Police to investigate. The FBI joined the investigation shortly thereafter.

According to reports, on November 5, Officer Curry was dispatched to a residence on Pineville Street for an unwanted person. He had an encounter with Tanisha Amos White who resisted attempts to arrest her first by trying to attack a witness, then by physically resisting and attacking the officer. Contrary to news accounts, Officer Curry did not use an electronic control device, commonly called a “Taser” and does not carry a “Taser” for self-defense. He did push her off of him during the struggle and deployed a one round burst of a chemical agent from a chemical deployment device.

The device used is a less than lethal device manufactured by Piexon, Inc and distributed by JPX America called a JPX Jet Protector. It delivers a 10% solution of Oleoresin Capsicum, a substance derived from cayenne peppers. It is an irritant that, when the correct target area is hit, causes physical reactions such as coughing, involuntary eye-closure, nausea, and depletion of strength. Despite the physical reactions, persons sprayed are able to breathe and follow commands. It does not penetrate the skin.


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