The Man They Call “Coach”

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Coach Charles Carroll

Do you know the sound of running? The runner’s tired feet hitting the dew on the grass. The worn cleats that splash through the wet, slippery mud. The sun rays beating down on the exhausted runner. The sweat rolling off the face, the body aching with pain, muscles screaming to stop the punishment. This is the sound and mindset of the cross country runner. The mind is in constant battle with the body whispering to the mind to continue with the pace, fighting every step of the sloping hills. The body struggles with the unsteady ground trying to reach the destination with every breath. The runner is challenged to grasp every mile that has not been reached. These are the sounds of the cross country runner. But this is not a story of the runners. It is a story of the man behind these runners. The man they call coach, Coach Charles Carroll.

This past summer while many of us enjoyed the comforts of our sweet, cool crisp air conditioning, Winnfield Senior High School Cross Country Team along with some of the younger kids from middle school would meet 3 times a week at 6:30 a.m. for their morning run preparing for the upcoming season. Some of the older kids put hundreds of miles throughout the summer to be in the best shape possible for the season. Now who was up at the crack of dawn with these devoted teenagers? The man they call coach. Coach Carroll has been coaching for 22 years and he would meet the kids with his smile to give them their dreaded workout for the morning.



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