Atlanta Sportsmen Celebrate 42nd Consecutive Fish Fry

‘Back in October 1976, a small group of high school guys planned a camping trip  at Pops {Leon Hanson} old hunting camp. Little did they know that some 42 years later this event would still be going strong. The first year they had about 8 or 9 members. Each year that number seemed to slowly grow, Many hunting, as well as, logging stories have been told through the years, by both the older, younger and today’s generations.

Around 1985, as they recall, the first challenge was issued by the older generation, “Bull and the boys” and the younger generation, “Coon and the boys”. The challenge was whichever team bagged the fewest squirrels had to dress the other teams kill. Well, it was close but “Coon and the boys” conceded defeat. They spent hours dressing squirrels, but the debt was paid off. The next year the same challenge was issued but “Coon and the boys” recruited more members.


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