Peanut Hulls Almost Foil Chance at Big Nasty

Trail camera photos of a mature buck in Jackson Parish revealed that he was a big deer. The fact that photos only showed him moving at night for the past two years, never showing himself during daylight hours, revealed the buck’s nasty attitude. Thus, members of Two Creeks Hunting Club in Jackson parish hung a moniker on him. They called him Big Nasty.

On December 10, Big Nasty met his maker but came within a crunchy peanut shell of making his get-away.

Schymaya “Shay” Seacrist who works as a Certified Surgical Technologist at St. Francis hospital in Monroe, was preparing to leave her stand that morning and grew tired of the crunch of peanut shells on the floor her dad, George, had left from his time in the stand days prior.


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