Supersititions Spice Up Hunting

Do you want to get skunked on your next fishing trip? Don’t you dare catch a fish on your first cast. If you do, you’ll have lousy success the rest of the day. It’s best to make your first cast out near the boat where no bass could possibly be lurking and reel it quickly before a fish sees it.

With deer seasons open, you’ll probably be exposed to traditions with which most of us are familiar. You probably remember your first deer and what happened soon after your deer was retrieved. You got blood from your deer smeared on your face because that’s what we do when someone, especially a youngster, bags his first deer.

Have you ever missed a deer and your hunting companions know you missed? You were relieved of the tail of your shirt; it’s probably still hanging on the wall at the camp along with those shirttails of others who missed deer.


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