Jesse Dyson Speaks to Kiwanis Club, September 25, 2017

Kiwanian Jesse Dyson was the speaker for the September 25th Kiwanis club meeting. After putting in a plug for The Family Jewel Box, Dyson spoke on the History of Louisiana.

Louisiana has been under 10 flags since 1541. The area was first explored by De Soto for Spain. Later it was claimed by France under King Louis XIV and named Louisiana for the king. Control went back and forth between France and Spain. In 1800 the US nearly went to war with France (Napoleon) over the territory. Thomas Jefferson offered to purchase the land rather than fight over it. He particularly wanted New Orleans and Florida. In 1803 the United States purchased the Louisiana territory for $15 million. They paid $11.25 million and forgave a $3.25 million debt. This included the whole territory and worked out to 3 cents per acre. It took until 1826 to pay off the debt because they had to borrow the money. It put James Monroe in debt for the rest of his life.


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