New Weapon Against Feral Pigs

Ron and Tes Jolly operate a farm in east-central Alabama. Tes is a nationally-known wildlife photographer while Ron works for the state of Alabama and is an award winning outdoors writer.

I read an article by Ron in the July-August issue of Turkey Country magazine, published by the National Wild Turkey Federation. This article hit home because the problems the Jolly’s are having on their Alabama farm mimics the problems land owners, hunting lease members and the general public are also having here in Louisiana.

“Ten years ago,” Jolly writes, “feral hog sightings were a novelty on our east-central Alabama farm. A decade later, he points out, he would be in an all-out war to preserve his farm’s water resources, habitat and food plots he had worked so hard to manage and establish, habitat and resources the hogs were destroying.


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