Rotary Receives Update on East/West Corridor

By Bob Holeman 

The Rotary Club of Winnfield received an energized update on the El Camino East/West Corridor from the organization’s president J.W. “James” Scarborough when they met April 12.

This traffic corridor is a five-state effort to complete the 1,729 highway miles to a four-lane status on this route running east to west from the Atlantic Ocean in Georgia to El Paso in Texas, located between Interstates 10 and 12.Along with providing economic development and tourism possibilities through this economically-depressed region, the corridor would also serve for improved national defense and evacuation route in times of natural disaster.

The route east of the Mississippi River is virtually complete (four-laned) and about 75% complete in Texas. But fewer than 20 miles, about 10% of Louisiana’s 168miles along the corridor, have been upgraded to 4-lane. To help this local effort, the state’s own El Camino Corridor Commission was established by legislative action in 1992.


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