Crappie Masters Shine Spotlight on Lake D’arbonne

The Bass Masters tour has been on the map for years with professional anglers from across the country with names like Dance, Martin and Van Dam having their success on the tournament trail splashed across the pages of outdoor magazines year after year.

Thanks to Ray Scott who started the whole bass tournament business, the sport has made a handful of the better competitive anglers quite wealthy.

While bass fishermen have dominated the sport of competitive fishing since the get-go, there’s a new kid on the block that is growing by leaps and bounds around the country. Crappie fisherman now have a circuit all their own. Prize money has not yet reached the plateau enjoyed by professional bass anglers but perch jerking for cash continues to escalate. Crappie Masters is exploding in popularity around the country and when there is a qualifying tournament anywhere in the local area, the interest from fishermen and spectators reaches a fever-pitch level.


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