Stacy Dwayne Potts June 12, 1967 – September 5, 2014

One year ago, I received a call telling me you were unresponsive and sent to the ER, I had to will myself to breathe and pray the information was wrong. Then when I saw you, cold and lifeless, my world stopped. The remainder of my heart shattered at that moment. All my prayers, all my pleading, all my begging for your healing went unanswered. At that moment, shock, hate and loneliness entered my heart immediately. I kept thinking I was in a nightmare and I was dreaming, but reality knocked me hard. All I could think was my baby brother, my other half, my friend, My confidant would never leave me on this earth, ALONE. I knew in my heart he could not keep up the battle of living, but at that moment all reasoning went out of my mind. You kept telling me you were not getting your healing here on earth and you were resigned to that fact and had faith. I WAS NOT OK with that fact. I have tried to stay strong, but my shoulders have endured so much heartache and anguish. To know you cannot do anything for someone’s pain is disheartening. The tears I have cried for you could flood the earth. I miss seeing you and knowing I could give you a little comfort with a hug, holding your hand, talking to you, praying with you and even watching the FOOD Network with you. Those days are gone. The traveling to the hospital, re-hab and even the nursing home are gone. Rest in peace my lil brother. I hope you will no longer suffer. You’re still here in my heart and mind. Still making me laugh because your stories live on. Your memories are what gets me through most days. You will forever be in my life, you will forever be a brother, a son, husband, and a dad, uncle, Grandpa and great friend. I think of you and wonder why? I might cry or smile, but at the end of the day I am one day closer to you.
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