Jessie Dean PottsDecember 4, 1943 –July 23, 2005

Every time that I smile, Everytime that I sigh, I think of yourface, And a tear escapes my eye.Ten years have gone by, still remembering that touch, You taught me to laugh, held mew hen I cried, You told me not tobe scared, of the day that you died. You told me to be thankfulof all the memories we had.The more that time passes, the more that I feel, The more I miss you and wish you were here.You were my world, My inspiration and my heart, But whenyou left me, I thought I would fall apart.No one will ever know quite how I feel inside, And on thatday you left, You weren’t the only one who died.I would have given anything to have you back, But I knownow that it was meant to be,For you are still watching from up above, And I know you arestill watching over me.I love you Mama, and I miss you dearly.Wishing our time together hadn’t come to anend.Sherry

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