Hester Potts

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I will never say goodbye to you because I know this is not the endfor us to see each other. You will only be going to a place where there’s no pain nor suffering. I am happy for you, for you will be with God. For now we need to go in separate ways. I remember how your arms hold me and give me strength. You were always there to listen, love, and defend me in everything. You were the best Daddy in the world. In my triumphs you were always proud. I’m very grateful and proud to call you my daddy. Here deep inside my heart you’ll always be. I would give up everything I have just to hug you one more time. I remember the last time I held your hand and how you looked at me in the eyes. If only I could turn back the time I would have never let you go. I felt the world stop and my heart stop beating when they told me you were gone....... How I wish I was only dreaming. Just like the rain; tears fell down from my eyes, I couldn’t speak for awhile. Thank you Daddy.... For always understanding, listening, caring, and lovi g me your whole life. The greatest gift God gave me was YOU. It’s difficult to let you go but I must... I must return the gift God gave me... Till then; See you in Heaven......... Happy Birthday Daddy, Love Sherry  

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