John Mark Castagna

On May 10, 2015 John MarkCastagna, 65, of Kingwood, agreat soul, passed away after ayear-and-a-half long battle withbrain cancer. He was in hishome, surrounded by his family.Fittingly, it was Mother’s Day,as he played the role of bothmother and father to his fourgirls for many years as a wid-ower and had enough love andgrace for both. Then he enlargedhis family Brady-Bunch stylewhen he married Vicki andembraced her two daughtersand son. He chose the perfect moment to slip away that day—in the midst of sharing stories of his full and rich life, deep love,and contagious laughter. John was the beloved son-in-law of Charles and JoyTomlinson of Winnfield.John was born in New York City and a 1972 graduate of theUS Merchant Marine Academy, serving in the Navy Reservefor 11 years. As a Vice President for Chevron for over adecade—and having worked for them for almost fourdecades—John extensively traveled the globe to oversee CSAT(Crude Oil Supply and Trading). His ability to run a large keydivision so important to Chevron’s business was only exceededby his people skills and abilities. His loyalty to his team wassurpassed only by their loyalty to him. No matter how compli-cated or concerning business issues became, John faced themwith fairness and compassion. One thing was for certain, ifJohn Castagna was taking care of it, it was done ethically anddone right.John has exemplified what it means to be a man, a leader, anda hero—to his family, to his workplace, to the oil industry, andto society at large. He has proved to the world what it means tolive in honor and dignity up to his last dying breath. John is survived by his wife, Vicki Benson Castagna; hisdaughters, Jenny Castagna Coronado and her husband, Sam;Laurie Castagna Rohmann and her husband, Jed; Erin CastagnaDay and her husband, Mike; and Katie Castagna Mitchell andher husband, Scott; his step children, Lindsay Benson Muchaand her husband, Tim; Brandon Benson, and Ashlie Benson; hismother, Anna Castagna; his sisters Marianne Castagna Greerand her husband, Frank, and Diane Castagna Boyd and her hus-band, Keith. He was adored by his nine grandchildren: Emily,Matthew, and Elizabeth Coronado; Lilly and Johnny Rohmann;Travis Day; Avery Mitchell; and Lily and Austin Mucha.John was preceded in death by his first wife Virginia SweeneyCastagna and his father Angelo J Castagna.Memorial contributions can be made in John’s memory toThe Marnie Rose Foundation Run for the Rose to benefit MDAnderson brain cancer research.

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