Black Bear Takes A Tour of Winnfield

After a week of touring the town of Winnfield, our own “Yogi” bear was captured Friday, June 1st. Making his way through town, up trees, and into back yards, this bear defiantly brought out onlookers from all around. After a long search,

Winn Parish deputies found the fourlegged fella in a tree off Walnut Street. Friday morning, he climbed down and climbed right up to a back porch of a Winnfield resident. Law enforcement worked closely with the public, to ensure everyone’s safety. Department of Wildlife and Fisheries reported this bear was a Louisiana Black Bear, male and weighed close to 450lbs. Most people that have lived in Winnfield their entire lives said they had never seen a black bear come into city limits such as this one.

The bear was safely brought to Grant Parish where he will be returned to the wild.


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