No Need for Constitution Convention; Current and Former Senators Believe

 On the heels of a botched special session to fix the state’s budget problems, a 90day regular session began last week with speculation it will end early so lawmakers can re-address the issue on the tail end of the session.

A number of current and former lawmakers are calling for a Constitutional Convention to strip some of the approximately $2.5 billion that has become constitutionally dedicated since the 1974 Constitutional Convention. Our current constitution, adopted in 1975,  is one that has been amended nearly 200 times, often to dedicate tax dollars for specific purposes. By contrast, the US Constitution, which has been around 230 plus years, has only been amended 27 times.

The argument for the Constitutional Convention is that lawmakers are having fewer and fewer dollars to take care of state business and removing those dedications would free up money to do so. 


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