Parkman Makes Hunting Trip of Lifetime

I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that one of my favorite outdoors activities happens each spring when I join a group of friends for a turkey hunting trip to Menard, Texas. It’s something I look forward to like a little kid waiting on Santa and I’m hoping I never get too old that this excursion loses its excitement.

One of the members of our group is slender, sinewy fellow from Ruston who can walk circles around me when it comes to chasing Texas turkeys. He’s Donnie Parkman and each year when we head out west, there’s one thing I know. While the rest of our party sits in comfortable blinds waiting on a turkey to show up, Parkman takes his game to the turkeys. He’s out tromping through the cactus and mesquite following a distant gobble or making his way back through the rough stuff to get where the turkeys are.


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