A Must-Have Book for the turkey Hunters

When I receive a book from an author for my review, I usually scan the book, read portions of it to see if it’s a work I want to promote. Afterwards, I let my readers know what I think of the book. I received one recently that I couldn’t put down until I read every single word.

My reason for sitting and absorbing all 207 pages of “Turkey Men” is that I’m a turkey hunter and the stories I read in this fascinating work by Thomas R. Pero, is the amazing story of six individuals from across the country who have done the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest barefoot. Or swam the English Channel with one hand tied behind a back. Or run the 100 yard dash in seven seconds.

In this book, Pero sits down and talks with each of these turkey hunters – the dialogue between Pero and the hunters is as if you’re sitting there listening in – about accomplishing the impossible. Each of the six has completed the U. S. Super Slam of wild turkeys.


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